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InBody 570 Scanner

In the contemporary landscape of health and wellness, the InBody 570 scanner emerges as a pivotal tool, offering a nuanced approach to body composition analysis. This advanced body composition analyser machine not only quantifies various aspects of body composition but also provides a deeper insight into one’s overall health. Let us delve into the multifaceted functionalities and benefits that this innovative machine brings to the table.

Muscle and Fat analysis with a closer look at Body Water.

The InBody 570 goes beyond traditional body composition analysis measuring fat, muscle and total body water. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water, values important for understand a user’s fluid distribution in medical, wellness and fitness contexts.

Non-Invasive, Pain-Free Testing.

Safe, low-level currents are sent through the body via hand and foot electrodes. The impedance the currents encounter are measured in order to derive body composition. InBody’s BIA technology provides accurate and consistent outputs that are highly correlated with gold standard methods.

A New Dimension in Body Composition Analysis

Soft Lean Mass and Skeletal Muscle Mass Insights

The InBody 570 scanner is adept at providing a comprehensive analysis of one’s soft lean mass and skeletal muscle mass. It facilitates a detailed segmental lean analysis, allowing individuals to pinpoint specific areas that require attention. Moreover, it offers insights into skeletal muscle mass, enabling users to develop targeted strategies for muscle development and maintenance. This level of detail in analysis is instrumental in crafting a well-rounded approach to health and fitness.

Visceral Fat Analysis: A Key to Holistic Health

Understanding one’s visceral fat level is a crucial aspect of maintaining holistic health. The InBody 570 scanner offers a detailed analysis of visceral fat, providing users with the necessary data to manage and reduce unhealthy fat levels effectively. This feature is a significant step towards fostering a healthier lifestyle, as it enables individuals to take proactive measures in managing their body composition.

Advanced Metrics for a Comprehensive Overview

The InBody 570 scanner goes beyond traditional body composition analysers by offering additional outputs such as intracellular water, extracellular water, and ECW/TBW analysis. These metrics provide a more comprehensive overview of one’s body composition, facilitating a deeper understanding of one’s overall health status.

Total Body Water: A Vital Parameter

One of the standout features of the InBody 570 is its ability to measure total body water. This parameter is vital in assessing one’s hydration status, which plays a significant role in overall health and well-being. By offering this feature, the InBody 570 scanner assists individuals in maintaining optimal hydration levels, thereby promoting better health.

The InBody 570 scanner represents a significant advancement in the field of body composition analysis. Its comprehensive analysis capabilities, coupled with user-friendly features, make it a pioneering tool in the health and wellness sector. It invites users to embark on a journey towards a healthier future, equipped with the analytical prowess of the InBody 570.

45 Second Tests

Quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and body water levels. No dunking. No pinching. No discomfort. Simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes.

No Estimations

Only impedance is used to determine your body composition results; no empirical estimations such as gender and age are used or required to predict your body composition.

Cloud Software

Automatically save all the data from InBody units to Lookin’Body Web, InBody’s cloud database management system. Easily view and manage client’s results and see their progress anytime, anywhere.


The InBody 570 offers a detailed analysis of various parameters including soft lean mass and visceral fat levels, providing a comprehensive overview of one's body composition.

The machine offers detailed insights into skeletal muscle mass and other body composition aspects, enabling the creation of a fitness regime grounded in precise data.

Absolutely, the InBody 570 employs advanced technology to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

Yes, it encompasses features such as body composition history, allowing users to monitor their progress over time.

The InBody 570 provides detailed visceral fat analysis, enabling individuals to take proactive measures in managing and reducing unhealthy fat levels.

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