Hyperbaric oxygen chamber


Optimise your performance by enhancing your recovery

129 Health and Performance is committed to promoting holistic health and wellness in the Bankstown community. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides the individual with a chance to optimise their performance by enhancing their recovery. By entering the chamber the augmented pressure facilitates the absorption of a larger quantity of oxygen by the lungs. This oxygen subsequently dissolves into the bloodstream and is efficiently distributed throughout the entire body. This heightened supply of oxygen can support a range of healing processes, augment tissue oxygenation, and trigger the body's innate mechanisms for self-healing.

hyperbaric oxygen chamber

At 129 Health and Performance in Bankstown, we take pride in offering advanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy services that cater to both health-conscious individuals and performance-driven athletes. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical procedure that entails subjecting an individual to pure oxygen at an elevated atmospheric pressure level, surpassing the norm. Within the confines of a specially designed chamber called a hyperbaric chamber, patients are exposed to air pressure two to three times greater than that experienced at sea level.


increase blood flow

Can help to rejuvenate cells and tissue by increased

Reduce fatigue

Increase efficiency and activity during and after your workouts with increased oxygen supply throughout the body

speed up recovery

with an increased supply of oxygen, injuries and muscle recovery will significantly heal faster

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