Jimbo’s 129 Health & Performance Body Transformation!

Jimbo’s 129 Health & Performance Body Transformation!

Meet Jimbo.

What you see here is the result of consistency and discipline over a long period. If I am to think about the areas we have dug into looking for 1% improvements, the list is long.

The continual search for progress, the decision to work on weaknesses while treating the body like a machine you love and care for, not one you are abusing for a short period or chapter in your life.

It is widespread to see people abuse their bodies with foods and lifestyles they know aren't good for them, from the GPP to the professional. But we do things differently at 129. It might take some time to see the results, but the end product is unique.

Well done, slice; keep searching for the best version of yourself regardless of the trophies. Some trophies don't come in Gold.

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