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Member One Time Odin Ice Bath Purchase

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At 129 Health & Performance Bankstown, we offer a unique experience with our Odin Ice Bath service. There is clear evidence that cold exposure and the release of cold shock proteins can have multiple health benefits. Whether you're looking to boost your energy levels or improve your mood and mental health, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, boost your immune system, or metabolism, our Odin bath has got you covered with temperatures dropping as low as 0 degrees Celsius. Join us and embrace the cold for optimal health and performance benefits.

Unlock Health Benefits

  • Physical recovery enhancement: Cold water immersion has been shown time and again to enhance physical recovery, especially after endurance and high-intensity exercise. Reducing muscular soreness and DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness), faster recovery of muscle power and increased perceived recovery. This is largely due to a significant reduction in circulating lactate (lactic acid) and creatine kinase – which appear in elevated levels after exercise.
  • Reduces inflammation: Whether you’re an athlete or just starting your health improvement journey, chronic inflammation can be a significant hurdle to overcome. In addition to the plethora of anecdotal evidence supporting the inflammation reduction benefits of cold plunging, more and more empirical studies are finding supporting evidence within bloodwork of cold water immersion participants.
  • Increased energy & focus: Coffee just doesn’t do it for some of us anymore, but fortunately cold plunging is a healthier and far more potent alternative for boosting energy levels, focus and motivation in general. This is due to the significant release of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain and body. The simultaneous release or “co-release” of these three neurochemicals make us feel alert and wanting to move about in a meaningful way – versus feeling fidgety or agitated - which can be positively redirected into other activities and tasks
  • Increased mental resilience: Longing for simpler times is a common sentiment in modern day western cultures, but while achieving simplicity may be a futile dream for most people, cold water immersion offers an alternative solution to feelings of burnout and overwhelm: increasing mental resilience. In other words – we cannot control the world around us to reduce the stressors life presents, but we CAN enhance our capacity to cope with those stressors

Contact 129 Health and Performance today! Find out how our unique recovery facility can benefit you and your body today and everyday!

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