129 Individualised Eating Plan

129 Individualised Eating Plan

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The Individual eating plan provides an initial consult where measurements and tests are conducted to customise an eating plan designed to cater to an individual's needs and goals. The eating plan is a one-off purchase without progress tracking and updates; please see our nutrition package if this is something you are looking for.

The eating plan includes the following:

  1. An initial consultation where your previous history, current lifestyle and future goals are discussed. Measurements are then taken, as well as specific tests (RMR,  V02 max, etc.) may be conducted to ensure you are receiving what you need.
  2. Calories and macros are then calculated based on current training volume and lifestyle.
  3. A customised eating plan tailored to the individual's specific goals, current training and work/daily schedule. The eating plan will include a suggested meal breakdown, timing, and optional supplementation.
  4. 129's general nutrition guidelines.

The benefit of the Individualised eating plan is a tailored approach: This eating plan is customised to the individual's goals, needs, and preferences, providing a more personalised approach that is more likely to yield results.

The Nutrition package is best suited for individuals who want detailed guidance and a template tailored to them; it helps provide and educate on what a day of eating should look like to achieve your goals.

Program Details
Price: $500 one-off cost
Location: Bankstown / online


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