129 Strength & Hypertrophy

129 Strength & Hypertrophy

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Welcome to 129 Health & Performance's Strength and Hypertrophy program! 

The ultimate strength program is designed to help you build muscle and get stronger. With a 5 am morning class offered Monday through Friday and a program offered through the app to be done in your own time, we make it easy for you to find a time that works for your busy schedule.

Our strength and hypertrophy program/class uses strength training methods to increase strength and muscle size. The program is methodically designed to guarantee results with getting strong while building muscle. This program is commonly known as "bodybuilding". It is for those who want to be professional bodybuilders or toned and lean for their bikini/ board shorts in summer. This program does not incorporate cardiovascular training, but we have seen more success in this program with fat loss and body transformations than in other programs. 


Program Details

Monday - Friday: 5:00am, open during gym hours

Duration: 1 hour
Price: $40/ week
Coach: 1-2 Coaches per class 
Location: Bankstown

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